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Ushuaia Del 1 - End of the world - beginning of everything!

Argentina (Ushuaia) 2005-11-07

(PÃ¥ engelska)

Hola amigos!

Ushuaia marketing, however it is a very nice place and everything here is "the most southern in the world" - golf course (well, I don’t know if I would call it a golf course), train and train station, prison, museum, National road etc etc.

We enjoyed the town and the museums, eat some nice food and visited the National Park. Gro was our guide - she was from Norway and she had never had any Norwegians on the tour and only two Swedes so apparently this is not a place Swedes and Norwegians go to - still it’s very Norway look-alike!

The museums told the story about the Indians (Yamana) that lived here until the beginning of 1900. They lived naked (!!), almost always fishing and hunting in their canoes and were eating mussels and seals.

Ushuaia is known to have the toughest, windiest weather on the continent. It’s closer to the South Pole from Ushuaia than it is to the Argentinean border of Bolivia!!!!

Three days a year they have no wind, clear blue sky and more than 10 degrees.

Think about this - every day is getting longer here (sunset at 21.30) - how is it in your country - he-he!!!!